The Batman Son Of Gallifrey

'Ello! The names Benjamin, I am 21 and reside within New York! Please for everything that is good just call me Ben tho

Quick assessment of myself. I am aliddo more than obsessed with Batman, Itachi, and Doctor Who. I am Antiguan, overly lazy, boring over the net after awhile but way to excitable in person. I enjoy food but can't seem to fit enough of it in me .-.
I also enjoy air, that's always been something i was into
Life is cool as well, you know where would I be if I didn't like life.
I sometimes like to get under peoples skin...... it doesn't feel right lying to you all, so i'll tell you now its like crack to me e.e

umm more or less that's it, any more detail is black-boxed and will only be divulged upon you entering within an actual conversation with me.

"Is your friendship with Robert Downey Jr. in real life as good as it is on the screen between your characters?" Better. We have a really good friendship. We’ve known each other since before Zodiac. And he’s kind of like an older brother that I wish I had. He sort of looks out for me, and I remember when the role came up in the movie, I reached out to him, I was nervous about it, I said “I don’t know if I can do this” and he said “It’s alright buddy, I gotcha.”

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incredible hands and very active face

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